Fantasy Football Tips

Fantasy Football TipsFantasy football tips evolve all the time. The kind of fantasy football advice I was giving at the end of the 2009 season might not apply in the Fantasy Football 2010 season. That's why magazines that come out in June may not apply come late-August, when most fantasy drafts take place. That's why the best fantasy football help comes from the Internet, because online football information is more recent.

Fantasy Football Tips

Here at, we want to provide fresh fantasy suggestions for our readers, because last year's advice may not longer apply. This year's player rankings are going to factor in the players added and subtracted in free agency, new additions through the NFL draft, shakeups in the starting lineup of all 32 NFL teams, the latest injury news and the strength of schedule the team is going to face in the upcoming football season.

Fantasy Football Rankings 2010

We'll have comprehensive fantasy football rankings for 2010, including player rankings by position, and fantasy football projections of sleepers, busts and players-to-watch. There are teams in every fantasy league that draft according to last year's results alone, and those teams seldom have the edge to win the fantasy title in their league. Even if they are competitive, almost every fantasy football league champion needs one or two breakout players they got later in the draft, or even early in the free agent season.

So our draft lists here on "Fantasy Football Tips" won't always conform to the final point totals of last year. We'll select players we think are going to break out and surpass their stats from years past, while suggesting players to avoid, due to age, injury concerns or troublesome depth situations. While you might not always agree with our decisions and projections, I'll include detailed reasons why we project certain players where we do, so you can make your own educated decisions. That means offering the latest fantasy football news.

Fantasy Football News

News from the National Football League is valuable in-season and before the season, because getting the latest injury updates and roster moves gives you more information and knowledge than your opponents. That's how you shave the odds of the upcoming fantasy season - or this week's showdown - in your favor.

Anyone who's played fantasy football knows there's a lot of luck in predicting what a given set of players are going to do any given week. At the same time, if you use the best news sources and make decisions based on the latest team news, your chances of hitting on the right starting lineup combination increase. Over the course of a season, that's likely to add up to more wins for you, as you chase that coveted player berth which gives you a shot at the league title.

Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy Football HelpA good amount of the in-season news includes injury updates and information you can get from just about any sports news website. Fantasy football drafts often come down to making projections based on a limited set of information, which usually isn't covered on the general sports fan sites. Since the fantasy draft is the most important day of your season - the funnest day of the football year - we're going to focus a lot of our attention on helping you have a great fantasy football draft.

That means we'll offer player rankings and fantasy football cheat sheets. But it also means we'll collect a list of fantasy football draft tips to follow, for a variety of league types: redraft, keeper, dynasty and auction leagues, just to name a few. Drafting a fantasy football team is like the "NFL Draft" itself: you want to get value for every pick. "Getting value" means you weight the odds in your favor by drafting fantasy players in the rounds they should be drafted, or picking up steals slightly after a player should have gone off the draft board, instead of reaching several rounds too high on the same players.

The rookie fantasy football owner thinks that reaching for a draft pick makes sense, as long as that player is a valuable star. But that misses the point of draft slotting. We're playing the odds, and drafting Drew Brees with the 1st overall pick in the draft might be like holding an Ace, but it's more like holding an Ace-3 than an Ace-King. If those players drafting behind have a better starting hand, they're likely to beat you most of the time. We'll show you how to draft for value, so your odds are as good or better than any other team's chances in your league.

How to Play Fantasy Football

This site is also going to discuss a number of the leading fantasy football strategies that noted fantasy experts and authors have put out for public consumption. We'll discuss numbers-based theories for auctions and redrafts, and we'll discuss tier-based drafting strategies. Of course, you can read pros and cons on the age-old fantasy football question of drafting runner-runner and whether that old axiom still applies in every case, or not.

I'll give a little hint: since there are so many different fantasy football scoring systems and roster rules, no one piece of advice is right for every league. So read our site and learn which suggestions and ideas work best for your local league's scoring rules. Many fantasy owners find themselves in several leagues with several sets of rules these days, often for the challenge of winning under different circumstances. Read "Fantasy Football Tips" to learn how to adapt your draft strategies for different scoring systems.

NFL Fantasy Football

Most of our advice is going to be tailored to NFL Fantasy Football leagues, since the majority of the ff leagues across the nation including only National Football League players. But since there are alternate leagues with NCAA college players, we'll discuss other types of fantasy football options you can explore. Imagine the volatility of playing college fantasy football is, where it's not unheard of for a player to score 6 touchdowns and 250 yards of production.

With that in mind, we'll mostly discuss the implications of NFL roster moves and news, since this is what most of our readers want to read about. Since Roger Goodell suspends a lot of players these days, keeping track of the latest off-field NFL stories is just as important as any other professional football updates, so we'll analyse NFL front office news, too.

Free Fantasy Football

While you're looking for fantasy football advice, you might as well learn where to get the best deals on fantasy football league management tools and other free fantasy football resources. These days, there is a lot of good free content involving this great hobby of ours, so getting linked up to a few of the best free ff news sites is invaluable. I'll also point out some of the best forums and message boards, where you can post questions for other fantasy football owners and experts to answer.

For those looking to find free preseason fantasy football tools, "Fantasy Football Tips" is going to advise you where to go to look at mock drafts, "average draft position" stats and other fantasy football draft preparation resources. An average draft position guide shows you where all the other fantasy owners are drafting players, while a fantasy football mock draft shows where a select group of experts believes NFL players should be drafted. Both give you good reference points, so you don't draft a player 5 rounds too high, while also getting an idea of the evolving value of certain players, as training camp news and NFL preseason results are interpreted by the fantasy sports community.

John Clifton - Fantasy Football Expert

It's occurred to us that you might want to know something about our primary contributors here on "Fantasy Football Tips Dotorg", so we've included a short bio of our primary contributor.

John Clifton has written fantasy football online advice for several years, including contributions to "Fantasy Sports Dotnet" and "Football Babble Dotcom", which has been cited by the New York Times Sports Page. John Clifton has played competitive fantasy football for nearly 20 years and has won multiple titles in numerous leagues, including redraft, dynasty, high roller and auction leagues alike. These days, he plays in a core of the most challenging leagues he's encountered over the years, while exploring a handful of new fantasy football challenges every year.

When not playing fantasy football, John Clifton writes on a variety of subjects, including Q&A works on "Ask Deb Dotcom" and "HowToGuides 365". John Clifton loves to write about travel, music, health and hobbies, and fantasy football is just one of a number of favorite pastimes John Clifton enjoys pursuing.

Fantasy Football Projections 2010

Now that you know a little something about us, let's get back to what you can expect from us in the months and years ahead. We'll be publishing our fantasy football projections 2010 in June of 2010, while continuing to update our website with the latest news and information about fantasy football throughout Summer of 2010. By the time your fantasy football drafts start, you should have a valuable archive of fantasy football advice, strategy tips and cheat sheets to print off for the upcoming season.

Bookmark this website and keep coming back for the latest news throughout this season, and the seasons to come. Fantasy Football Tips is focused solely on one of the great seasonal hobbies in the world: online fantasy football. Whether you consider yourself an expert fantasy football player looking to compare notes with other considered opinions, or whether you are a fantasy football rookie who doesn't want to waste a season or two learning the game, read our website to get the information you need to succeed the best fantasy sport out there.

Fantasy Football Advice & Help - FF Tip #1

Of course, many players want the satisfaction of winning your league with your roster moves and through your own fantasy football greatness. You probably don't want to win titles based solely off a list you print off the Internet, so one tip I offer everyone I talk to about fantasy football is to take the information here (and everywhere online) and see how it meshes with their own fantasy football philosophies. You want to take the information we give you to come up with a sound fantasy football strategy that's tailored to fit the league and the rules you play in. Winning the title requires input from outside sources, but fantasy football advice works best when the person taking that advice can sift through their own league situation and apply it effectively.

Notice I said "sound fantasy football strategy". Doing it your way only works if you use logic and your own reasoning abilities. I know one guy I've given suggestions to before who listens to everything, except draft trades suggestions. He "doesn't like to trade" and figures "anyone making a trade offer has an ulterior motive". This attitude has handicapped my friend's teams for years now, and is one reason I won't allow him entry into my "champions league". I want a real challenge, not an automatic also-ran.

So while doing it your way is the best way, that only applies if it makes sense. Most fantasy football championships require a combination of good draft, key free agents moves and helpful trade. That isn't always the case, but top fantasy football owners tend to pursue every means of making their teams better throughout the season. We'll discuss how to improve your fantasy football team through trades and free agency, because these are often overlooked by newbies and novice fantasy competitors.

Fantasy Football Free Agency & Trades

When we discuss fantasy football trades, we'll discuss when to pull the trigger on trades, as well as which fantasy football transactions to avoid. There are all kinds of bad trades in fantasy football, but that doesn't mean there aren't good ones to accept or initiate. The best leagues are full of teams that are willing to trade, but won't make the one-sided buddy trade that throws off the balance of the league and leaves owners disgusted. All of this will be discussed in time.

In my opinion, the biggest mistake most new fantasy football owners make (besides drafting quarterbacks way too high) is in fantasy football free agency. Each year, some teams are active in waiver wire transactions, while others seem oblivious to the potential - at least until it's too late. Once the draft is over, free agency is the #1 way to improve your fantasy football roster. So read on and learn how to improve your fantasy football team through free agency, especially in the first month of the season.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start our fun new fantasy football website by analyzing the 2010 NFL offseason and the upcoming 2010 fantasy football drafts. Summer is the time of anticipation in fantasy football - a time of limitless potential. Right now, you can still imagine drafting the perfect fantasy football roster, hitting on the best sleeper picks in rounds 15 through 20, building a team your competitors fear, hate and dread playing. We're all still looking for that perfect fantasy football season, but until you have it, keep reading our fantasy football tips, help and advice.

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