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Fantasy football owners can never have enough fantasy football news, especially if it's about their players and the NFL teams they play on. Whenever football season is here (and in the offseason, too), I starve for football news from around the country. Whenever I hear baseball or sports scandal coverage on the local radio stations, I wonder aloud why they don't realize that pro football rules and is the most popular sport in the country, especially in my region (Dallas). So when I'm online, I don't want to have to fight through countless anecdotes about the Yankees and Red Sox and how game #11 of 19 between those teams on the season shapes up.

If you're like me, then this page should be an invaluable news resource for NFL news. I'm going to try to break this into a number of useful options, such as the best fantasy football news and updates, the best overall NFL news coverage, and the best local team news sites. That way, you can target your search for player news and injury updates exactly the way you see fit.

Latest Fantasy Football Updates

Whenever you're trying to decide who to start or whether you should accept that trade proposal, you want all the information before you. Nothing drives me crazier than to start a star player for several weeks, only to find out he's been hiding an injury that would have changed my decision to keep him in my starting lineup, had I known. So I'm always on the prowl for good sources of insider news. I don't use each of these every day of the regular season (besides KFFL and 1-2 others), but I keep these links handy, in case I want to do special research.

So without further ado, here are some of the best sources for receiving the latest fantasy football updates.

KFFL Fantasy Football News

I've already discussed "KFFL Hot Off The Wire" news elsewhere on this website, but the KFFL is simply the best free news source of the National Football League online. KFFL compiles NFL news updates from across the nation 24/7 and 365 days a year. It's been on the Internet since 1996 and has only gotten better.

KFFL news and rumers are short, with may a sentence or two, along with the team, the player and a short headline listed. There are often included links to the full story elsewhere online, so you can navigate through these links to find local news sources, if you want to compile your own directory of NFL news sites.

Fantasy Football Today

"FF Today" may be the best traditional news source for fantasy football news online. When I say "traditional", I'm talking about layout, with news links arranged in your standard news page format. You'll find coverage of the NFL broken up into articles, rankings & projections, news, players, states, tools, NFL resources and forums. You can even add your favorite to the "My FFToday" link in the top right corner of the page.

Just below that is a "fantasy news" section, with links you can click on for the latest NFL stories. You can also subscribe to the feed, so you'll get the information direct, without having to navigate to the FF Today homepage. Also included are features, projections, rankings, cheatsheets, and the all-important injury report that fantasy owners get to stress over all season.

Also, find the "Player History" link on the FF Today homepage, which gives a player's personal history against their weekly opponent, which is one of the most useful tools you'll ever come across, especially if you have a 50/50 player playing against a division opponent that there's a long history with. The player histories are broken down by teams in the matchup, so your research doesn't take a whole lot of time and web navigation. I would link to the player history page from this article, but it's still set to the end of last year.

Other resources too look at this preseason is the mock draft, "consensus mock draft" and team depth chart pages. The first two should you what other fantasy players are thinking about draft order, while the consensus mock draft is similar to ADP lists we've talked about in the past. The team depth chart information is essential to have, when you're walking into a your local fantasy football draft. Print off the depth chart the morning of the draft from a website that you trust, because you don't want to find out that 3rd round running back you just drafted was benched yesterday and is now the backup.

Draftsharks Fantasy Football News

I'm also going to recommend Draftsharks as a wonderful alternate fantasy football news source. You'll get news, notes and analysis from the people at "Draft Sharks" that's is always honest and individually thought-out. I consider Draftsharks to be my personal devil's advocate, because their experts' opinions often come out of left field (in my opinion).

First of all, Draftsharks is a paid or subscription fantasy football website, so if you don't want to pay $30 or $40 a year, just skip on down to the "NFL News Feeds" subheading of this article. That's perfectly cool. If you do, then you get a year's worth of analysis, email news updates, features, player rankings and projections. I'm not getting paid to send you to them; I'm just a subscriber myself.

What I like about Draftsharks is there courage of conviction. They'll make out a sleepers, busts, breakout player of the year and 1st round bust of the year, and often go out on a limb with the pick. For instance, they've hit on their first round bust something like 6 of the last 8 years (don't quote me), but it's a player who's definitely going to be drafted in the 1st round of most every fantasy football draft out there.

Along with these picks, you get a huge article explaining why they feel this way, backed up with statistics and historical trends. I'm not saying Draftsharks is always right. I certainly don't take their word as gospel: I remember the year Draftsharks picked the Troy Aikman/Joey Galloway combo to have huge fantasy years (ouch!).

But Draftsharks don't just follow the pack, and I get the idea they put original thought into their selections and projections, instead of simply going with last year's final rankings, or the bulk of public opinion in other fantasy football publications. If I'm looking for thinking outside the box, I go to Draftsharks. Sometimes I'll reject their conclusion out of hand, but more times than not, Draftsharks is right. Either way, I'd much rather have an extra perspective that I might not have arrived at on my own, instead of a publication which is only going to say what a dozen other sources have said, and reinforce whatever assumptions I already have (from reading those other sources).

NFL News Feeds

For those looking for specific news from NFL teams, I've compiled lists of AFC and NFC team information pages. Most of these link to online websites of local newspapers in the team areas, though some are the official sites of radio stations and other news sources in the team's area. In one or two cases, I've linked to the team websites, if their news feeds are good, or I feel they're the best news source for continual coverage of the team.

NFC Team News - National Football Conference News

Here's the NFC team news coverage. If you're tired of wading through endless NFL news stories to find your local team's news, or you want to research deeper into one of the players on your roster by looking on a local blog or news site in his area, these are the links for you. You might be as tired as I am of seeing Brett Favre news stories on ESPN and SI online.

  • Dallas Cowboys News - The Dallas Morning News's Dallas Cowboys blog.
  • New York Giants News - Giants homepage on New York Daily News.
  • Philadelphia Eagles News - Philly Dotcom's Iggles sports page.
  • Washington Redskins News - Washington Post Skins coverage.
  • Chicago Bears News - The Chicago Sun-Times Bears blog and news updates.
  • Detroit Lions News - The Detroit News' Lions and NFL page, since Lions fans have had to pick a second team to back.
  • Green Bay Packers News - Official press release archive of the Cheeseheads.
  • Minnesota Vikings News - Twin Cities dotcom Vikings news links.
  • Atlanta Falcons News - The Atlanta Journal Constitution's Falcons news feed.
  • Carolina Panthers News - Charlotte Observer Panthers and NFL news, blog, scores and stats.
  • New Orleans Saints News - "2 The Advocate" Saints news links and extras.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers News - Tampa Bay Online fanatical Bucs coverage.
  • Arizona Cardinals News - AZ Central's Cardinals and NFL page.
  • San Francisco 49ers News - The Press Democrat's Niners information page.
  • Seattle Seahawks News - The Seattle Times Seahawks news resource.
  • St. Louis Rams News - "STL Today" news, states, forums and videos.

AFC Team News - American Football Conference News

The AFC teams tend to be from slightly smaller cities than the NFC teams, because the National Football League placed its franchises first, then the American Football League chose cities the NFL wasn't in (except New York City). That means you're likely to find news sources that are a little more intimate and personal from the AFC news sources.

  • Buffalo Bills News () - The official Bills information blog of the Buffalo Bills.
  • New England Patriots News () - WEEI Sports Radio Network's Patriot's news page.
  • Miami Dolphins News () - South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Dolphins coverage.
  • New York Jets News () - New York Daily News NY Jets page.
  • Baltimore Ravens News ( - Baltimore Sun Ravens coverage.
  • Cincinnati Bengals News () - Mike Brown's personal propaganda page.
  • Cleveland Browns News () - Ohio Dotcom's extensive Browns information.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers News () - Post-Gazette Pittsburgh Steelers news links.
  • Houston Texans News () - Houston Texans news archive, dating back several years.
  • Indianapolis Colts News () - Indy Star Colts and NFL coverage.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars News () - Jacksonville Dotcom and Florida Times-Union Jags page.
  • Tennessee Titans News () - "Titans Insider", with Jim Wyatt and others on the Tennessean sports staff.
  • Denver Broncos News () - Complete coverage from the Denver Post.
  • Kansas City Chiefs News () - The Chiefs Blog on Kansas City Dot Com.
  • Oakland Raiders News () - Follow the NFL's only undead team owner.
  • San Diego Chargers News () - 619 Sports Dotnet's coverage of the Bolts.

"The Huddle" Fantasy Football News

The Huddle is another of my favorites, if you want to subscribe to a fantasy football news source. Like Draftsharks, you'll get email updates throughout the season and offseason, along with full access to their fantasy football information archives. The Huddle is an award-winning website, with years and years of fantasy advice archives. Every year on the morning of my main draft, I print off the Huddle's depth chart, so I know I'm not going to be blindsided by some late-breaking roster move. When you trust a site to update that kind of information to the minute, you have to endorse them for other fantasy owners.

The Huddle offers articles analyzing the upcoming season, as well as trends in fantasy football drafting. There are player rankings, customized cheat sheets for your league's scoring system, as well as off-season injury reports. If you want projections, the Huddle offers projected statistics for any player you've considered drafting. There are IDP and dynasty player rankings, too.

One of my favorite features is the 2010 fantasy ease of schedule, which I pore over every summer, to find the players who have the best chance of succeeding against soft schedules. You might use this feature to select players who have the easiest 1st six weeks, assuming they'll start out with the best momentum or give you the most trade bait opportunities. You can select players according to who has the best fantasy playoff schedule (traditionally Weeks 14 through 16), on the arrogant assumption you're going to make the playoffs. Or you can go through the team defense listings, matching two defenses that have a favorable matchup combination - or simply draft the solid defense with the best ease of schedule.

Obtaining Fantasy Football News

So there's a good 36 fantasy football news sources you can use to make your roster decisions in the upcoming 2010 fantasy football season. KFFL gives you the best one-stop fantasy football information source, while Draftsharks, FF Today and The Huddle give you fantasy football analysis and other resources to go along with the dry news. But if you want to get local news feeds about pivotal NFL players on your fantasy team, use our team news feeds to get the local perspective on the news of the fantasy football world.

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